About Shane Dobes

Shane DobesAt present, Shane Dobes operates his own design firm, Agency A3, based in Atlanta. Since founding his company in 2008, Mr. Dobes has provided clients in the medical, environmental, and other industries with website and logo design, brand creation, and taglines and creative projects for use in a variety of media outlets. In addition, Shane Dobes utilizes his skills as a photographer to enhance the campaigns he lends his talents to. For every project he undertakes, he oversees everything from initial conception to the final launch.

Beyond these obligations, Shane Dobes acts as Media Consultant and Designer with Fetch! Pet Care of Atlanta. In this capacity, he has helped the business expand via marketing initiatives that include search engine optimization management and coupon and cross-promotional development. He additionally does the writing and layout for web-based newsletters that inform readers of developments within the company. In other current responsibilities, Mr. Dobes lends his talents to Turner Studios on a part-time basis.

Shane Dobes has worked with Turner Studios for a number of years. Most recently, his duties have included developing live programming banner ads, working within the Adobe CS4 programs, and collaborating with graphic designers on projects for the Atlanta Hawks, the Academy Awards, and NASCAR, among others. He began his tenure with the company in 1999, as tape operator and editing assistant, he manipulated the writing and logos and oversaw tape operations. During this time, he also drafted training materials for new employees and guided them through their first few weeks on the job.

Shane Dobes holds a BA in Film and English from Georgia State University and completed an additional degree at Atlanta’s Portfolio Center, where he studied new media and advanced techniques in graphic design.


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